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Type of CustomizationExplanation/ProcessCharges
Screen PrintingScreen Printing, a process Kudosports utilizes the most, is a form of customization utilizing vector images, burning mesh screens for the image, then using it as a stencil with a transfer ink.  The process of Screen Printing is as follows: 
1.  Transfer/create image in vector format 
2.  Burn the image onto the mesh screen to for stencil 
3.  We then setup the Screen Printing machine to fit the specific screen 
4.  When the set up is complete, we apply ink then run the blade/squeegee onto the printing surface
5.  Once complete, we run the material through a heater for drying

This process takes few hours regardless of the quantity of garments you are getting customized.  Though it takes a while, the quality of the Screen Printing in this process can ensure that- when properly cared for- the printing will not peel or break.   
Charges for this process is based on the number of screens we have to burn.  This is contingent upon the number of colors/ink you need for your logo/image/number/team name.  
Heat Transfer/ Press-On Screen Printed Press-On: 
The Screen-Printing Ink Press-On is of the same quality as Screen Printing Process, as described above.  The only difference is that this allows us to quickly Press-On numbers/player names/small logos on varying garments.  The Ink that is being transferred is the same ink type as the ones we utilize for the Screen Printing process.  

Vinyl Press-On: 
Kudosports does NOT utilize Vinyl Press-On for our custom orders.  Vinyl Press-On is a reduced quality Press-On.  When utilized, the image press-on often peels, cracks, or breaks very quickly.  Though some vendors may offer Vinyl Press-On customization, even for the team logo/name for a reduced cost in comparison to our price, the quality is not reliable.  Those are some of the reasons why we do not utilize Vinyl Press-On's.  We want to ensure that products we produce are of quality.  

This Heat Transfer/Press-On can be done quickly in comparison to the process of the actual Screen Printing.

Charges are based on the number of colors it needs for your number/name/logo AND based on what you are actually getting. i.e. Number, Name, Logo, etc.  
EmbroideryProcess done by stitches.  When needing embroidery customization, it is charged based on stitches.  This process is a bit longer, so we often need ample amount of time to complete it.  Embroidery would be perfect for a logo on a hat, or on the left chef of a polo, or even a small name/number for an athletic bag for the sports team.    Charges are based on the image and the stitch count.  
Tackle Twill Twill is a bit different from Embroidery.  Twill allows for larger customization to be made with varying material.  It is a process where one material is applied to another material.  This process allows you to keep the stitch count down- making it more affordable.  Tackle Twill can easily be seen in Greek shirts/hoodies/bags, or sports apparel for embellishment/personalization.