Many online customers tend to think that we are a large sporting goods retailer and that their online sports order is just a number. This could not be farther from the truth! Kudosports is a small, family owned and ran sporting goods and sports apparel online business. While we might appear large like our competition, trust me when I say we are anything but that. Kudosports specializes in taking the time and finding out what each sports team or individual needs and then provide the best customer service in the sporting goods industry. When you call Kudosports, 99% of the time you will talk to me. I started this business back in 2009 in Chicago, IL. I know it sounds crazy to get the same person every time you call or email us but that is the way it is here. We consider us all one big sports family.

At the beginning, it was about getting as much business and to grow as fast as possible. That is every businesses goal right? Well, after years of this thinking, I decided that it is not what the sports industry or Kudosports should be about. Kudosports is about taking care of the customer. When you take the time to call us, we want to help you get exactly what sports uniforms you may need. We will help you determine if you need front and back player numbers or just back. We will help you design the perfect sports jersey in the right colors and the right brand that fits your budget. We will always be honest and will go the extra distance to make you happy that you placed your order with us. We know that what is important is that you get your sports items by the date you need them and at a fair price where you are happy and excited about your purchase with us. Ultimately, we want you to be a fan of ours and to tell your friends and teammates about Kudosports. We are here for you - our customer! Oh, did I also mention that we offer Easy Returns and Minimal Restocking Fees!

In the past we carried many more brands and had to push them to get on best price with all of them. This was stressful and sometimes led to pushing brands that we really did not feel was the best fit. Now we specialize in really 8 brands - Champro Sports, Alleson Athletic, Badger Sports, Augusta Sportswear, Holloway Sportswear, High Five Sportswear, Martin Sports, and A4. There is really no need to look beyond these brands for your sports uniforms or sports equipment needs. These sporting good brands carry the best bang for the buck in jerseys, hard goods, and uniform sublimation. Simply, there is no reason to waste your time with other high priced brands!

Here at Kudosports we stock a good bit of items but not everything. We do drop ship directly from most brands to help both our customers and us save money. Currently, we stock 1142 SKU's and ship daily from here in Franklin, TN. When you order any custom sports jerseys from us, those will ship from here in Franklin, TN as well. However, the ultimate goal of ours is to get you what you need in the time frame you need it. Kudosports can print and ship custom basketball jerseys, football jerseys, baseball jerseys or other sports uniforms in as little as 3 days if needed. The cost are higher but we can make it happen. Also, all of our sports apparel printing is screen printed ink. We don't heat press vinyl like our competitors. We send out the quality uniforms that you should expect.

I hope this information about us as a company explains why we are different than your current sporting goods supplier. If you have ANY question about anything, please call me. I will personally help you with your sports uniforms, sports printing, or any other question you may have.

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