Shipping Information
Cutoff time is 1 PM EST

When will my order ship?

We make every effort to ship items out the same day on UPS Ground or Air shipments. On $4.95 shipping orders, this method gives us more time to ship items out with the cheapest shipping method possible. Somtimes this is UPS ground and sometimes it is USPS first class mail. If your item(s) are not here in Franklin, TN, we will usually order them in with our large daily order and when they get to us we will reship them back out to you. This allows us to offer the $4.95 shipping on most items. Please call us with any questions on this!

If you are in need of any product in 2 days or less - contact us immediately and we will make every effort to make this happen.

NOTE: We make every effort to expedite overnight and two day air shipments, however, the standard processing time usually applies to these items as well.

If I request One-Day Shipping, will I get my order the next day?

Not all of the items listed on our site are available immediately, so selecting One-Day or Two-Day Shipping does not necessarily mean your order will arrive in one or two days. Saturday and Sunday delivery is not available unless it is shipped USPS. Also, when you select One-Day or Two-Day Shipping, we may use air or ground shipping as necessary to get your items to you within the promised time frame.


Shipping Options:
All shipping below is business days and holidays are based on UPS holiday shipping schedule

Flat Rate $4.95 Shipping - this is our most economical way to ship. Your items might ship UPS, USPS, FedEx or even courier. We look at what you have ordered, what location we have the items, and then decide the most economical way to ship your items. Very rarely does an order placed cost us less than $9 or more to ship ground. We offer this shipping to customers who have the time to wait on their items and save on cost. ***Heavy or Bulk items do not qualify for $4.95 shipping and there will be a surcharge added to the $4.95 cost at checkout. So if you choose $4.95 and the shipping comes up as $19.95 - there is a $15 surcharge for the item ordered.

Ground - Need your items a little faster than 5-10 days? This is your next best option. Items are usually sent UPS ground or USPS mail and arrives in 2-5 business days

Standard 2 day - Pretty darn fast shipping. These orders get pushed ahead of all ground and economy orders and most of the time always ship the same day. Much effort is put forth to get these orders to the customers within 2 business days from the date of the order.

Next Day Air - For those items that need to be there yesterday, this is your best option. We push cutoff time back to 4 PM EST and get these orders out at all cost. To get your items the quickest - this is by far your best option.

Keep in mind that orders might ship from different warehouses and in separate packages. We try our best to ship all items together in one package but this is not always possible. However, you can always login to your account and see all the tracking numbers for your orders once they are shipped.