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Are you looking for a cheap reversible basketball jersey that will hold up great and feel really comfortable? You can get a complete basketball uniform set right here! Our jersey's might be cheap in price but they are high in quality and look great. You know our basketball uniforms can be trusted for their quality! Our basketball jersey's are easily customizable with your teams name or logo and can easily take a 4" number on the front and a 6"or 8" number on the back. You might be asking yourself right now - can Kudosports customize these for me? YES and we do it better than anyone else as we specialize in custom reversible basketball jerseys. Call us for an exact price but typically a kids youth team or an adult basketball team can get these jerseys for less than what you expected for a set for a jersey with a logo on both front sides and a number on both back sides along with a matching pair of shorts. As always the more you need the cheaper they get! We have other custom reversible basketball jerseys to fit any budget. Looking for more than just the uniforms and jerseys? We are the perfect basketball shop for you! We got you covered on all of the equipment for basketball! Now, if you are buying all these great basketball team gears, why not go ahead and buy a basketball to go with your new uniforms?? We have a great selection for you to choose from!

Need help with understanding the difference in the jersey we offer?? No worries- we can help you! Our most popular item available that we do custom screen printing for is the BBJ7. This basketball jersey is reversible, so you do not have to buy two sets of jerseys. We also have BBJ AND BBJ4- which these are also reversible basketball jerseys. The difference between the two is that BBJ is a nylon material jersey. This Nylon Reversible Basketball Jersey is comfortable and durable. The BBJ7 is a Dri-Gear Polyester fabric that wicks moisture away from the body! It is a full cut, so perfect for practices or games!

Not looking for a reversible basketball jersey to customize?? Well, we have non reversible jerseys as well! We have the BBJ3 and BBJ8. both are great quality basketball jerseys. Again, the difference is that BBJ3 Jerseys are 100% nylon dazzle cloth body, where as BBJ8 has a Dri-Gear flat back mesh polyester fabric. They are both great for any practices and games!

Clearly, we have the perfect and the right baskeball uniform you have been searching for. We have the shorts to go with your basketball jerseys, the matching basketball shorts are available as well for customization! We also have other basketball equipment, basketball gear, basketballs and basketball coaches apparel! Purchasing and committing to gear for basketball may be a hard decision to make, but we can offer you some of the best products out there! Search no more- we have everything you are looking for! And we can customize them for you!
Call us for the best prices in Customized Basketball Jersey's on the web. Custom basketball jerseys are one of our specialities, as are all sorts of basketball items and sportswear. And when it comes to our personalized basketball jerseys, as with all of our products, quality is top notch and cost is affordable. Check out our full selction